Maybe you want to go to the place you love, and that others don’t know how to appreciate and do it in freedom, to stay there and contemplate that foreshortening, that painting, without anyone telling you when it’s time to go away? Looking for a challenge? Or, more deeply, do you want to find yourself again? Here are my four main tips for travelling alone and finally being really at the centre of the itinerary!

FIRST of the four tips for travelling alone: Why?

It can be an advantage! Travelling in a company you can share expenses, double the joys and halve the pains. Surely you can feel safer. But you have to find destinations and above all activities that everyone likes and, unless you are a clone or a sheep-like Dolly (which was both things), you will end up doing something you don’t like or feeling the pressure of your travelling companion who doesn’t love so much what you, instead, love. Travelling alone means being able to tailor and manage your itinerary. And not only that: “Traveling to discover the world you will find the continent in yourself,” says an old Indian proverb.

SECOND of the four tips for travelling alone: Where?

What do you want to do? This is the right question and not “where do you want to go”. Choose your destination only after I would have chosen the content. Search in yourself: sit back in a relaxing place, with your favourite music in the background, close your eyes and open your mind, imagine yourself in a place that makes you feel good or while you are doing what you like. This is the most important piece of advice about travelling alone. Remember, you’re at the centre of it all! 

THIRD of the four tips for travelling alone: How?

Carefully! You’re probably afraid to travel alone… better! This way you will be more careful! Joking aside, overcoming fear and dealing with it is another positive thing about this wonderful experience! Travelling alone (especially alone) is on average riskier than doing it in the company for obvious reasons. So pay even more attention to the “safety” aspect and above all be well prepared about the potential risks of the chosen destination. And if you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact me!

FOURTH of the four tips for travelling alone: When?

The Smartest Period! Not being able to share the expenses, staying on your own can be more expensive also for this reason choosing the low season period in the destination you go to can be essential. 

If only because you travel alone you have no problem to make the days of vacation coincide!