Not to mention other complications such as diapers! Lone parents and holidays often do not get along. Whether it’s because of one’s love situation (and the numbers are rising), or because of commitments on the part of one or the other (daddy can’t get out of work, and mommy takes the kids to snorkel in Greece), or because of substantial differences in taste (mommy doesn’t like the cold, and daddy takes the kids to ski in Switzerland), the need for individual parents to face the challenge of a solo holiday with the kids is becoming more and more frequent. Why leave then? Here are some tips for lone parents who want to enjoy their holidays!

Lone parent holidays: why go away?

As a lone parent, you spend a lot of time between school, home, various educational activities or playfulness of children or young people. Where is the time spent together? The holidays of single parents with their children allow you to entertain conversations, to bond and to get to know each other better. And the children will see different aspects of the parent, compared to the boredom of duties and mumbles: they will see the funny side!

A lone parent (or in any case alone) who travels with their children also have great opportunities to teach, through the episodes and memories that are created during preparation, during the journey and all the post-return phases.

Holidays for single parents: tips!

Travel with people like you.

Most likely the people you meet on holiday will be couples with children, although the number of lone parents on holiday is increasing.

  • First, get over it. Take a deep breath and stop looking with envy at those parents who can catch their breath by putting their children with their partner. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy your privileged moments with your children!
  • Second, join another family of single parents. Maybe you have a brother, a sister, a close friend in the same situation as you. In this way, you will have an adult company for you and a child company for the infants!

Find special offers and itineraries for single parents.

One of the problems many lone parents face on holiday is that most prices are set for two adults. Often there are all-inclusive offers that offer activity packages for children along with the price of the stay (also free for children under 12 years or similar) but refer to a single child for each adult present. If you are not careful, you risk paying surcharges if you have more than one child. Look for offers of hotels, cruises, activities, etc. that do not penalize single parents!

Do not exclude holiday homes.

Unlike a hotel or resort, a holiday home most of the time does not consider the number of occupants to determine the price of the stay. You will also have a kitchen, to minimize the cost of meals (even if children love to eat outside!) A holiday home can be the basis for many trips, and you will easily have more space for moments of play (or chaos?!) indoors.

National Parks.

There are national parks everywhere, in the mountains or by the sea, surrounded by the accommodation of all kinds, from the most rustic camping to bungalows, hotels and holiday homes, and often offer a variety of activities, suited to the taste and scope (cheap or not) of everyone!


Do not exclude the possibility of a cruise. Cruises are always full of activities for children and adults, and often take into account the possibility of a single parent on holiday with children. There are offers and packages of all kinds, the most famous are of course the Disney cruises, which even allow lone parents to join together for meals and excursions, to stay in the company of adults and allow children to make new friends.


Whether you go on a cruise, or to a resort, hotel or holiday home, you prefer the presence of a swimming pool. It’s a simple trick, but the pools attract other families with children, and your friends will have plenty to dive with, while you keep an eye on them from the edge.

Mom, I’m bored!

For longer trips, but not only that, bring with you something to make your children do to ease the boredom or tension in the moments of waiting. A book, a comic book to read, a tablet, a travel version of a game, anything they can do on their own. Tension and boredom can do a lot of damage during a long train, plane or car journey. Let’s give everyone a little breathing space!


Even if this holiday is a privileged moment of connection with your children, it can be useful for both of you to catch your breath. For example, it would not hurt to have a nice massage while your child plays amiably with peers in a mini-club offered by the facility.

Don’t forget the documentation!

Whether you are divorcing or travelling without one of your parents, you should have a document signed by the other parent authorising you to travel with your children. If you are a widower (hopefully not!), a copy of the death certificate is sufficient.

Also, very important certificates that report medical information, such as blood group, diseases, allergies, contacts and everything that may be useful in an emergency.

Whether you are a single parent, or if your partner cannot join you to go on holiday with you and your children, don’t be afraid! When the trip is done for you and them, it will give you precious memories and experiences and allow you to get in tune, discovering something new at the same time!