And here we find ourselves again fighting with queues and stops! It’s almost better to be on the couch watching TV. But our spirit wants to travel, to discover new places! Our girlfriend, instead (for the most “unfortunate”, his wife) wants to go right there, in that famous place where all our friends will go! So you need an idea for a weekend out of Rome that will allow you to save goat and cabbage (and it is clear that with “goat” I do not mean the “wife”)!

Out of town “out of the beaten track”!

The weekend itself is “high season”. And this is the worst time to move. However, you can decide for your weekend away from Rome, or any way in Lazio, to visit an original destination, for example, Pontinia, in the province of Latina, just over an hour south of the capital.

Little or no traffic and lots of parking, all free, always, always, even in the centre! This would be enough to make Pontinia the ideal destination for all those who spend the rest of the week trying to put the Smart instead of a scooter and who have come to terms with how much of their lives will spend in the queue car.

But the city also has more to offer. First of all the food products at km 0 and all the local derivatives of the buffalo: mozzarella, sausages, but especially the buffalo, the typical dish of Pontine: a delicious stew of buffalo, of course!

After parking for free, you can attend one of the many events, mostly free, offered periodically by the local administration, or visit the MAP (Museo dell’Agro Pontino) where the reclamation is told through objects of daily use and maybe make a visit to the former Water Tower, transformed into a pavilion of the MAP museum.

The municipality is one of the so-called “foundation cities” of fascist origin. Visiting the imposing church of Sant’Anna you can see if, in your opinion, is true the rumour that in the face of the statue of the saint on the facade were introduced the physical appearance of someone else.

Crossing the rural area surrounded by pastures and agriculture, you can also satisfy lovers of history, visiting the Mausoleum of Clesippo, a Libert and it is said that he was freed for his skill ….. as a great lover.

Finally, if you want a truly original idea for your day trip or longer, you should definitely visit “Fontana del Muro”, a lake of crystal clear spring water at the foot of the Lepini Mountains, where you can swim in nature and free from salt and sand, even if you are only 10 km from the sea.

A weekend outside Rome in Pontinia: a trip out of town…..strategic!

I would not want him to argue with your best half, who agreed with friends (and thousands of other people) to visit, instead, one of the wonderful and most popular places in southern Lazio as Sermoneta, Nymph, Circeo, Rocca Massima to try the longest and fastest ZipLine in the world …. and so on. No need for skirmishes. After all, Pontinia has always been a particularly strategic crossroads for moving. Even the ancient Romans knew it well and regularly stopped at the “Mesa di Pontinia” (“mesa” stands for “in the middle”), halfway between Rome and Naples, where there was an ancient post office on the Via Appia, perfect for changing horses and as an inn, or ideal place to rest and refresh.

So why not choose this quiet town to park for free (yes, I know I’ve already written three times ….. but it’s something so rare that I like to repeat it!) Eat genuine food but cheap, and also save on food, stay in one of the quiet bed and breakfast in the area. From there you can easily reach the most famous neighbouring areas.