Better still if it’s a charming exponent of the other sex, and it doesn’t matter if it’s an “ugly Betty” hidden behind Nicole Kidman’s picture! But yes, all in all, there is nothing wrong with wanting to receive support. Now you are about to go to Florence and die from the desire to post your best photos. Here is a series of places of great effect, not only the most popular but also the less known, so that in the comments you can read “there is this in Florence, but where? “And for your convenience, at the end of each place, I reported a link to connect directly to the google-map!

Classic places not to be missed

Giotto ‘s bell tower in the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is by far the best instagrammable place in Florence. From there you can in fact capture one of the most iconic images of Florence: the cathedral with the surrounding buildings. Going up the bell tower there are numerous opportunities to take photos worthy of the best Instagrammers. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to be able to capture a large image without including the protection nets so I suggest you look for the openings between the second and third floors that will allow you to do so. Attention: the line to access Giotto’s Campanileit can be very long so try to arrive maybe half an hour before it opens, or visit it in very low season periods to have better photo opportunities. 

Another iconic shot of Florence and undoubtedly the dome of Brunelleschi. I recommend that you book in advance as they are often sold out during peak season. A photo that should not be missing from your Instagram once you have visited Florence is that of the incredible frescoes in the interior of the Cupola. 

The cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is undoubtedly among the Instagram mobile places of Florence the place that will offer you more opportunities for shooting. An idea can be to go to it just before sunset to catch the best sides with what the photographers define as ” magic light “, but also to be able to portray its beauty at night with almost perfect lighting that the city of Florence has dedicated. 

The alleys around the cathedral are another important Instagram mobile place in Florence. Once photographed Santa Maria del Fioregoing towards the Arno you will discover really special views of the splendid structure through the numerous alleys that surround it. 

Ponte Vecchio from Ponte Santa Trinita and the Ponte Delle Grazie, the “must” for Instagram are Florence. No one will believe that you have been in the ” Cradle of the Renaissance ” if you do not post a nice photo of Ponte Vecchio on your Instagram. But if you want to do it in the best way, my advice is to frame it from Ponte Santa Trinità, perhaps at night to have the background of the lights of Piazza Michelangelo. If instead, you go there early in the morning, the best thing is to photograph Ponte Vecchio from Ponte alle Grazie and maybe take the opportunity to take a shot even in Ponte Alle Graziesame that magically reflects on the Arno with the first light of the morning. 

Pearls hidden out of the beaten track

Pharmaceutical perfume workshop of Santa Maria Novella: few tourists know that on Via Della Scala, a street near Santa Maria Novella, there is the ” perfume-pharmaceutical workshop “, one of the oldest pharmacies in the world founded by a Dominican in 1221. There you will find very ancient preparations, cosmetics, products made with wax, liqueurs, etc. and you will be able to take unique pictures. 

La Specola Natural History Museum: the Specola museum is one of the oldest science museums in Europe and houses the largest anatomical wax collection created between 1770 and 1850 and more than 3,500,000 animal skeletons (of which 5,000 are exposed ). It is located in Via Romana 17,  near the Pitti Palace and is a unique opportunity to make some really special instagrammable photos … even if it’s a bit “noir “. 

The Bardini Garden is the Via Costa San Giorgio: less known than the most famous Boboli garden,  you can reach the Barbini garden from Piazza Santa Felicita by walking along the Via Costa San Giorgio and crossing romantic avenues adorned with flowers, perfect for Instagram. Don’t forget to stop at number 19 and post your selfie on Instagram next to one of Galileo Galilei’s residences. 

Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory: Galilei passed into his last years in the Villa Arcetri when he was under arrest. This residence has become an astrophysical observatory that can be visited to capture a series of original shots to post on Instagram. 

Michelangelo’s secret sculpture: in Piazza Della Signoria there is a face carved on the wall of Palazzo Vecchio. S income Michelangelo used to spend much of his free time in that area according to legend, there was a man who bored him often with their chatter so famous sculptor decided to uncover his face with his hand behind his back just as he pretended to listen to him. A nice idea could be to post this story to make it become a viral image that hides the meaning of “ your chatter is boring me! “.