Is it right to give up a trip with this fear? How can I understand the danger of travel and terrorism? There is a high gap between the perceived and the real danger, mainly because of the mass media that for obvious reasons focus on extraordinary news rather than on the most common ones. I hope that you are very curious and want to finally discover the reality on this subject until you understand how much travel and terrorism involve a risk that exists and how much this comes only from an unreal perception of the danger.

Real danger… or not?

Some destinations, often even the very fascinating ones, are subject to a very real risk of terrorism. You will never believe that first places also appear in India and the Philippines, for example. However, the risk of being involved in a terrorist act is minimal, if not negligible, in countries that are not directly linked to terrorist risks.

You may be eating a nice sandwich rich in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons while you read this article, even though you know in the end that there is much more chance that this will accompany you to the afterlife than being involved in a terrorist incident. A bit like the fear of a plane crash, although you know that it has an infinitely lower probability than the one that you run daily in the car. The dangers are perceived as much higher because of the sensationalism that the news creates.

Without bothering you with numbers and statistics, which by the way are constantly evolving on the basis of various parameters, I can assure you that the chances of running into a terrorist act in a country like the whole of Europe and North America that is not is both particularly at risk and usually lower than one in a million. All other incidents are sensibly more likely.

In other words, if the country is particularly at risk, read the next paragraph well, vice versa, I would say that poets are quite calm, just the usual general rules of common sense.

Finally, you will forgive the digression, but in the field of travel and terrorism, I can think of another type, more widespread, a danger, even if it may seem out of the question, that to the detriment of animals.


First of all, among the millions of news that run online more or less reliable. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (once they do something good with our money should take advantage …), paying particular attention to sites with similar names and other purposes.

Keep in mind that the site of the Farnesina is a bit ‘alarmist, perhaps apprehensive, but it is certainly a good reference, serious and official, even about other general advice (documentation, health, etc.). As far as the subject of travel and terrorism is concerned, it is certainly very up to date.

On the site, you can check if there is a real risk of terrorism in the country you have chosen as a destination, but also know which are the areas most at risk and receive suggestions on how to behave.

La Farnesina has also set up another portal. In case you go abroad, it is advisable to register, so in extreme cases of terrorist incidents, it will be easier to find you. Please enter as much information as possible about your itinerary. The site is also extremely useful in case of fragmented or incorrect news (and I guarantee you that it often happens) while you are unavailable abroad and your friends and relatives contact the Ministry for news. They will be able to reassure them by explaining that, for example, you are in an area far from the one affected by the problem.