A companion with whom now and then, depending on the commitments of both, you can spend time without obstructions, with a pinch of good humour also (after all we are on vacation), somewhere that we have never seen. In addition to discovering something new about the world, whether the trip is local or international, starting with someone who has great significance for us allows us to learn more about those who share that little piece of life with us. You might find that your girlfriend who is afraid of everything loves to dive from the rocks, or that your boyfriend who loves to stay on the couch can make friends with everyone even if he only knows how to say “Hello” in the local language. It is therefore easy to discover something about your partner, and perhaps even about yourself, that you have never seen, and travel allows couples to get closer than they would in the routine of everyday life. But what are the best trips to make as a couple? As usual, our advice is just a drop in the sea, but it can certainly give you some ideas, and maybe they get a bit away from the classics, as always off the beaten path!


Morocco is still a sufficiently cheap destination, although the price of hotels and services is not the only parameter to consider when planning a couple’s trip. The famous Marrakech is crowded and chaotic, as it should be for a big city. Essaouira is less than 200 kilometres away and is perfect for a winter getaway, for example in February. Just like Santorini, which is just as romantic but also popular, Essaouira has white structures with blue shutters, making it very attractive. Staying in a riad (the typical Moroccan architectural form) is already characteristic and suggestive in itself, with the typical internal gardens and fountains. Leaving the house you will have the opportunity to take romantic evening walks to the port and taste local seafood delicacies. For outdoor lovers, you can learn windsurfing, and for those seeking maximum relaxation, an idea could be an unforgettable massage in a hammam.

Buenos Aires

In Argentina’s fervent capital, you and your partner will never have the problem of not knowing what to do. Perhaps you will have some difficulty in choosing, given the incredible variety of activities that the city offers. Every weekend, hundreds of shows are performed through the city, not to mention the Teatro Col√≥n, the opera house acclaimed throughout the mono. The multitude of restaurants and bars offers a wide choice for a dinner before the show, allowing the couple to experience a classic appointment but lived in a reality extremely different from their own. Particularly interesting is the La Boca district, known for its Tango and its walks full of little shops and houses painted with bright pastel colours. Also known as the “Paris of South America”, Buenos Aires is one of the best trips to do in pairs because it fits all budgets. The ideal time, then, in February, when the days are longer, so perfect for Valentine’s Day. For nature lovers, the Ecological Reserve allows a bike path.

Hoi An

UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999, Hoi An is a Vietnamese commercial town, known for its unique architecture, myriad lanterns, tasty food and local craftsmanship. This place is also the dream of those who travel in February when temperatures are higher and the dry season begins. A few kilometres away you can find Chinese temples, bars, hotels, beaches and rice fields. The old town alone can take days to visit. For the beaches, the ideal is to rent a scooter or a similarly agile means to reach the countryside or the less crowded beaches. To enjoy the culture, you can attend lessons in typical cuisine, and in this regard, we recommend the car law, the most famous local dish of “spaghetti”, pork and vegetables.

On the streets of Wales

Among the trips to be made in pairs not too far away, the scenarios of Wales are among the most spectacular, to say the least. Starting from the busy and lively Cardiff you can cross endless rural landscapes dotted with ancient castles and herds in the wild. You’ll have the chance to see the Pen y Fan, the mountain formerly known as “Arthur’s Seat”, the seat of Arthur; reserves such as the Elan Valley, the Llyn Clywedog, Clearwen and Caban Coch. A little further north, on Llyn Tegid, near Bala, you can rent kayaks or canoes and explore the lake. Moving along the coast you can visit beautiful beaches such as Barafundle Bay and you can choose to stay in characteristic manors, in regions such as Pembrokeshire. For the more adventurous, you can go coasteering, a sport that consists of walking, swimming and diving along the coastal rocks! Other interesting places to include in your route (remember the reverse guide!) are the Snowdonia National Park, the small village of Betws y Coed, surrounded by hills and forests, and the Swallow Falls, beautiful waterfalls within walking distance. Worthy of note is Llanrwst, where you can have tea, and of course immortalize one of the most photographed buildings, the Tu Hwnt i’r Bont Tearoom. Add Conwy Castle, an imposing fortified structure built by Edward I, and near it Britain’s smallest house, just over 1.80 metres wide!


It is difficult to find a more romantic escape between trips to be made in pairs and a jump to Finland in the fall. Watch the Aurora Borealis dance into the sky from inside a glass igloo, or as you snowshoe through a snowshoe hike or cross-country on your cross-country skis or even on a husky sleigh through the Taiga. All this and much more can be experienced in one of the most sought after destinations in the world. Finland is rich in natural beauty, including the iconic sun at night. On the coast is the world’s largest archipelago, and where there are islands, there are lighthouses, many of which can be visited and in some, you can even stay overnight. With seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, forty national parks and the chance to meet as close as possible to the real Santa Claus, Finland is one of the best destinations for couples with different interests. So dive into a lake after a sauna, or experience the urban life of Helsinki, with its spas, the Moomin Museum and much more!

More trips for couples

It would never be possible to list them all, but many may be the original destinations that will take you and your partner (regardless of who wears the pants) off the beaten path. The most important thing is to respect the tastes and inclinations of both, and the things you have in common will acquire enormous added value.

And if the couple is close together, then any destination is fine! Because you can also decide, eventually, to dedicate yourself for part of the trip. It’s not a bad word, I checked on the Internet! If we are at home it doesn’t matter if we go to a restaurant or another, the important thing is to be together. However, when we are thousands of miles from home, it’s stupid to go and visit a place we don’t like just to spend time with our partner, which we can enjoy quietly at any other time.  Separate and organize yourself accordingly. You will see that it will be a great enrichment of the trip and not a problem at all. Don’t hesitate to split up for a while if this will allow you to do what you like. You will find yourself in the evening to share your experiences and maybe consider whether to redo them the next day together.